America Is Challenged

And the calls for “change” are loud from all sides. But changes currently proposed by mainstream leaders (and would-be leaders) seem insufficient, perhaps pathetic in light of the multiple crises facing America in the fall season of 2011.

The Nehemiah Papers are an attempt to clarify the true challenges and propose solutions. Very little time remains to discuss and debate in advance of voter action. Regardless who wins, the election alone cannot resolve the issues and challenges America faces today. Tangible solutions beyond political rhetoric are required in the most immediate sense. The proposed solutions in the Nehemiah Papers challenge Americans in significant ways and require change in the course our nation is following. How all candidates and especially the victors in this and future elections respond to the issues raised here will tell us much about them, possibly alter our voting patterns, and certainly impact our future (for better or worse). And every future time votes are cast and counted, we will know much more about ourselves and whether we collectively as a nation have the courage to shape our own destiny.

The first thirteen (13) of the collection of Nehemiah Papers are listed in sequence below (each title is a quick link to the paper). As the Papers propose tangible solutions that should become part of a national discussion, we invite you not only to join our discussions (visit our Discussion Page or choose from the listing of discussion categories at right), but also to download, link to, reference, and/or share freely these Papers.

Paper 1: Introduction to the Nehemiah Papers (First-time Visitor? Begin at this Link)

Paper 2: Parables of a Great Nation

Paper 3: The Five Realms of Power: An Introduction

Paper 4: Governance and Democracy

Paper 5: Economics and Capitalism

Paper 6: Religion and Faith

Paper 7: Justice and Law

Paper 8: Love and Caring

Paper 9: The Nehemiah Postulates

Paper 10: The Nehemiah Proposals

Paper 11: Equality, Justice and Economic Levels in American Capitalist Democracy

Paper 12: Sources of Wealth in America

Paper 13: Lowest Acceptable Living in America and the World

Historical Background

In 1787-88, eighty-five essays were published as the Federalist Papers advocating the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America. Although written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, the essays were printed under the allonym (a pseudonym based on an historical person) of “Publius” in honor of a Roman consul influential in establishing the Roman Republic around 500 B.C.

The allonym “Nehemiah” is in honor of the Hebrew leader instrumental in the rebuilding of Jerusalem around 440 B.C. Ancient Nehemiah was a builder of a nation; modern Nehemiah is trying to be a builder of America and the World community. The initials I. M. have been added to give a more modern and personal touch. The writings of I. M. Nehemiah are by one or more highly patriotic adult American citizens who choose to remain anonymous.

Interestingly, the Federalist No. 10 essay warns of how factions (or parties) in a nation can obtain power and distort the workings of democracy. I. M. Nehemiah states the case that a faction that opposes controls upon capitalism in America has obtained unusual and considerably unfair power over American democracy. The faction uses its money and assets for intentional influence upon our elected “serial incumbent” government, resulting in laws with a bias favorable to massive wealth and unfavorable to basic fairness for sub-lower-class citizens. The “middle class” citizens are lulled by commercialism and materialism into accepting this doubly-unjust arrangement.

Similar to the Federalist Papers, the essays of I. M. Nehemiah are not legalistic or academic arguments. Rather, the Nehemiah Papers are statements to the American people, the common citizens, the voters. The future well-being of America is of great personal interest to us all. And adjustments need to be made very soon. In fact, they are long overdue. I hope we are not too late.

I. M. Nehemiah
Builder of a better America and a better World