Capitalism21 is an initiative, a set of ideas, and, perhaps most importantly, a roadmap for change.

Written before the American economic decline and updated regularly, The Nehemiah Papers are a series of essays which propose solutions for building a better America and a better World. In addition to the essays, a Dickenseque story, titled An Earth Day Carol, was released in the Spring of 2011. And now in the Spring of 2016, relevant articles are being written and released (see box below) as Americans consider their options for the future, especially with the Presidential election in November drawing nearer.

Whether by essay or story, all of the writings address social and economic issues facing America (and the World), and each outlines and advocates tangible solutions for reversal of the socio/economic declines we see about us every day. Since you are an important part of any solution, you are encouraged not only to join our discussions (visit our Discussion page or choose from the listing of discussion categories at right), but also to download, link to, reference, and/or share freely these writings.

26 April 2016

Article Series Relevant to the 2016 Election Year

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